THE HELPING HAND PROJECTThe Helping Hand Project is a community focused initiative which invites members of the community surrounding a selected shopping centre to make a difference in their community by visiting the centre and donating a painted handprint.

For every handprint that is received, R5 is donated towards an item or equipment that a local home or charity in the community requires to assist their day to day operations.

10 919 painted handprints have resulted in donations to 10 community organisations.

THE MEMEZA PERSONAL ALARM PROJECTMemeza is a community and personal safety company which was established in 2012. Their vision is to introduce safety devices in rural communities so that women and children can feel protected.

The Memeza Personal Alarm is a small alarm which reaches 140 decibels when activated. The battery life lasts up to two years and can be replaced with a normal watch battery. The personal alarm is ideal for attaching to handbags, car keys and schoolbags.

4 090 Memeza Personal Alarms have been donated to girls, women and the elderly in our communities.