BAREFOOT NO MORE PROJECTBarefoot No More has developed a unique school shoe for children in rural areas. The shoes are durable, easy to maintain, they can be washed and do not require shoe polish.

Disadvantaged schools are identified in our communities and in partnership with Barefoot No More, school shoes together with centre branded book bags and stationery sets are donated to all the scholars.

A total of 43 769 pairs of school shoes have been donated in our communities.

LAP DESK PROJECTLap desks are light, portable desks which were developed by The Desmond Tutu Tutudesk Campaign. The desk sits on the child’s lap, providing them with a surface to write on, whether they are sitting on a chair or on the floor.

There are over 95 million children in Africa who do not have access to a desk at school. An appropriate surface on which to write is crucial to literacy development and basic education*. Under resourced schools are identified in our communities and a lap desk is donated to each scholar. As the desks are portable, the scholar can utilise the desk at school and at home. The desks are centre branded and are printed with educational content.

A total of 43 774 lap desks have been donated in our communities.

*Source: The Desmond Tutu Tutudesk Campaign

ACADEMIC PRIZE PROGRAMMEThe Academic Prize is awarded to the top academic student in Grade 6 for primary schools and Grade 11 for high schools.

The sponsorship of an academic prize takes place to participating schools in our communities annually. The academic prize consists of a floating merit board which is engraved with the prize winner’s name, a gift voucher to a selected shop at the shopping centre in the community, and the prize winner’s school fees for the next academic year are paid for in full where possible, or a contribution is made toward the fees.

A total of 368 academic prizes have been awarded to top achieving scholars across 90 schools.

PROJECT DIGNITYAccording to UNICEF, one in ten school girls in Africa miss at least one week of school monthly or drop out of school due to lack of access to sanitary products.

A partnership has been established with reputable organisations including MinaCup and Subz Pads to empower young girls in our communities with access to sustainable sanitary products. An educational talk on the products accompanies the handover of the dignity packs.

A total of 1 653 dignity packs have been donated in our communities.

CANGRO PROJECTCangro is a proudly South African sustainable development, ‘green’ initiative in the progressive educational and food security space which teaches children how to grow food, upside down.

Cangro aims to empower children with the knowledge, skills and capacity to successfully nurture and care for their very own upside-down tomato plant, simultaneously teaching them to nurture and care for themselves and their environment. The real value underlying the entire project is the cans’ ability to connect. Usually involving entire households, it connects teachers to parents, and through branding and marketing it connects the shopping centre to the community. Through innovation focused on the use of recycled material, Cangro hopes to inspire a generation of young thinkers and future entrepreneurs who can contribute in a meaningful way to a sustainable South Africa.

A total of 4 631 Cangro Cans have been donated in our communities.