We are committed to taking every possible measure to keep our staff, tenants, service providers and the community as safe as possible during this uncertain time and are taking the protective measures as outlined below.

We are working closely with our cleaning service providers to ensure that we are doing everything that we can from a cleaning and hygiene perspective. The protective measures implemented include the installation of hand sanitisers at the entrances and high traffic through routes to our centres, our security guards are positioned, at strategic points around the centres, with spray bottles of sanitiser to assist with sanitising customers hands, stronger cleaning products and disinfectants have been introduced, and surfaces such as hand rails are being wiped down frequently.

We take the safety and wellbeing of our tenants and shoppers very seriously. Our tenants are therefore aware of the additional cleaning and hygiene methodologies at our centres. We have reminded our tenants that the management of COVID-19 is a collaborative effort and as such, they remain responsible for educating their staff on protective and preventative measures. We have encouraged our tenants to increase the cleaning within their store(s) as well as considering whether to make hand sanitisers available at the entrance to their store(s).

We have rolled out a COVID-19 educational campaign which highlights the importance of protective measures such as hand washing and social distancing as per the World Health Organisation guidelines. Informative posters are being placed in the ablution facilities and at key points around the centres, and the information has also been posted on the applicable social media pages.

The situation regarding COVID-19 is developing and changing by the hour, with this being such a dynamic situation, Capital Land’s advice to our staff, tenants, shoppers and service providers on this topic is being constantly reviewed and may be subject to change. We will continue to monitor this dynamic situation and we will ensure that we take all possible measures to ensure the safety of our staff, tenants, service providers and the community.